[PATCH] win32 installer for bzr 0.9: rev.2

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Jul 25 16:08:19 BST 2006

Attached patch is new improved version of installer for bzr 0.9.
Difference from previous version of patch:

- python-based installer create after installation entry in Start => 
Program => Bazaar-NG menu with links to documentation, and to bzr
- python-based install no more restricted to python 2.4 because python 
2.5 is coming
- improvements to doc-generator (man/rstx): show aliases for command in 
detailed section, listed more environment variables used by bzr
- during installation of standalone bzr.exe installer show text of GPL 
license and require to user to select "I agree" before proceed actual 

This is really big patch and I assume that reviewing of this patch 
require to have some knowledge about windows installers, so probably is 
better to ask me if someone don't understand some parts of my patch.

Recently I see that on website bzr change their name from Bazaar-NG to 
Bazaar. If I need to change this name in installer please speak.

Also, I see that bzr has new icon. If this icon now is official bzr icon 
then I need two scaled images (png is good enough) 32x32 and 16x16 to 
make new bzr.ico for windows. Or (instead) I need ready-to-use bzr.ico 
for windows with new style.

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