how to revert update operation

Adeodato Simó dato at
Wed Jul 19 23:27:32 BST 2006

* Erik Bågfors [Thu, 20 Jul 2006 00:12:23 +0200]:

> This actually brings out something I've been meaning to add a bug for.

> When I ran "bzr update" the first time on a bound branch, all my
> commits was just gone and there was no message where they went.

Ack on this.

> My sugestion is something like

> $ bzr update
> updates suceeded, your local commits are now put aside and viewable
> with "bzr status", commit them with "bzr commit"

> Well, bad message, but you get the point...

I thought about this yesterday too, made the attached commit, and then
decided to abandon it. Mentioning in case someone agrees that making the
error message more verbose would be a good thing.


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# Bazaar revision bundle v0.8
# message:
#   Improve error message for BoundBranchOutOfDate in commit.
# committer: Adeodato Simó <dato at>
# date: Tue 2006-07-18 14:50:48.997704983 +0200

=== modified file bzrlib/
--- bzrlib/
+++ bzrlib/
@@ -1741,9 +1741,10 @@
             raise BzrCommandError("Commit refused because there are unknown "
                                   "files in the working tree.")
         except errors.BoundBranchOutOfDate, e:
-            raise BzrCommandError(str(e)
-                                  + ' Either unbind, update, or'
-                                    ' pass --local to commit.')
+            raise BzrCommandError(str(e) + "\n"
+                'To commit to parent use push, or update and then commit if '
+                'the branches have diverged.\nYou can also unbind or pass '
+                '--local to commit to continue working offline.')
 class cmd_check(Command):

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# sha1: 8ac17e211fd785fe46f8a379c215ecc3373a3b15
# inventory sha1: d1f11d12b3dd2ee4f24095dc4ca7b8f125492e32
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#   pqm at
# base id: pqm at
# properties:
#   branch-nick:

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