how to revert update operation

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Tue Jul 18 13:03:43 BST 2006

* Alexander Belchenko [Tue, 18 Jul 2006 14:59:18 +0300]:

> Is there is any chance to ressurect my --local work? I don't remember
> revid, but may be there is hidden command to browse all revisions that
> present in repository? Or after update this revisions simply throwed away?

If after the update you didn't do anything else, your --local commits
will be present as pending merges:

  % bzr status
  % bzr commit -m 'Merge --local work'

> I assume that I need to do merge instead of update.

> So probably right way is after --local commit:

> 1) unbind local branch
> 2) make merge between local and master branch
> 3) make both branch identhical
> 4) bind local branch again

> I understand correctly?

If branches have not diverged, `bzr push` will do. If they have, what's
wrong with `bzr update; bzr commit`?


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