announcing bzr-git

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Sat Jul 15 15:53:21 BST 2006

On 7/15/06, Robert Collins <robertc at> wrote:
> Hi y'all,
>         just letting you now that there is now a bzr-git plugin. Homepage at
>, with its trunk branch a shared
> branch owned by the bzr group at
> (bzr branch from
> I created this as a
> demo at the Europython 2006 conference, so there is not much to it yet,
> but its capable of running bzrk (for me, but I have a rather old
> bzrk :)).
> Its kinda fun being able to run up brk on the same branch in git and hg
> formats :).


Is this readonly as well? gives me a 404.


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