[MERGE-REGUEST] win32 installer for bzr 0.9

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu Jul 13 13:12:19 BST 2006

I update my installer work to recent bzr.dev. And now it mergeable into
bzr.dev revno.1860.

Unfortunately, I'm very busy last weeks and next ones on my regular job,
so I did not make all improvements what I want.

So here is mostly installers from 0.8 release (for standalone bzr.exe)
and 0.6/0.7 release (python's distutils-based installer) adapted for
recent 0.9 version.

For installer of 0.8 release (for standalone bzr.exe) I have +1 from
Martin Pool but no one give another +1 and no -1. But this work was not

Attached diff of my changes and gzipped bundle (gzipped because I fear
my Thunderbird could break line-endings idempotency).

Main goal of this work -- setup.py extended to be able create 3
different type of installations:

* standard python's distutils based
* win32 gui installer for standalone bzr.exe
* win32 gui installer based on python distutils (require to user to have
python installed)

To create last two type of installers for distribution use 2 commands:

make installer

	create installer for standalone bzr.exe

make python-installer

	create python's distutils-based gui installer for win32

Last type of installer is possible to create even on linux box.

I think that bzr should have both type of gui installers for windows
because they have some difference. Standalone bzr.exe is good choice for
novice users. Distutils installer mostly do all the work of standard
'setup.py install' job, but also added nice uninstaller for windows

Distutils installer could be needed when user want to use some
complex plugins that rely on extra dependencies (like pygtk). This
dependencies does not included in standalone bzr.exe and at this moment
plugins like bzrk/gannotate cannot be easily used with bzr.exe.

Just to make all things clear: standalone bzr.exe can use all plugins
that use only standard python modules (used by bzr itself) or bzrlib
itself. Other missing modules simply cannot be imported even if you try
to use bzr.exe on machine with python installed. (There is exist complex
hack to make them workable, but I'm not predisposed to implement it).

Please, decide to merge this stuff in for 0.9 release.


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