[MERGE] fix non-ascii messages handling in 'missing' command

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Jun 28 23:39:12 BST 2006

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel пишет:
>> I really don't like swallowing the exception this way, but if win32
>> python is going to raise IOError with errno = 0 and text 'Error', there
>> isn't much we can do. They aren't raising EPIPE, and it seems to be
>> EINVAL to call flush() on sys.stdout once the pipe is gone.
>> We could remove the sys.stdout.flush() call, but the whole point is to
>> force something like EPIPE to be handled inside the exception handlers,
>> rather than while the stack is unwinding at the end.
>> I'll have to think of a way to test this. 'less' does exist on win32, so
>> it might be sufficient to call run_bzr_subprocess with the output piped
>> into less. It's just tricky to force real win32 errors in the current
>> test suite.
> Well, actually on win32 by default exists only 'more' pager. I've
> install 'less' manually from http://gnuwin32.sf.net project. On other
> hand -- when 'more' used the same error with pipe is raised.


> This changes seems reasonable for me.
> -- 
> Alexander
> P.S. My preferred nick as short name is 'bialix'. You can use it for pqm
> stuff.

I seem to have frightened the pqm. I submitted it using your Russian
name Alexander (at least the one you gave me that I put in
Anyway, it accepted the submission (though I mistyped your last name and
wanted to cancel it).
In the process, it seemed to have all the tests pass, but I haven't
gotten a success or failure message yet.
Maybe the russian characters scared the smtp servers. Anyway, if I don't
see something, I'll eventually resubmit and use 'bialix'.

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