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Wed Jun 28 23:34:35 BST 2006

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Erik Bågfors wrote:
> Hi
> I've just been playing around with bzr on windows (not cygwin at all).
> I'm very impressed by the installer, looks good and did a good job.
> However, I think (but have not verified) that many (most? all?)
> plugins in the plugin registry is Linux only? Does anyone know which
> (if any) plugin works under windows?
> Next question is, where do I put plugins? I couldn't find any
> documentation on that (maybe I'm blind).
> Using bzr on windows, really shows how much we need a GUI. The windows
> command line is really limited.
> Cheers,
> Erik

I haven't used the installer, so I can't talk about it. But I do use the
raw on windows.

I still use cygwin, but only as a shell, I actually use a bzr.bat
wrapper around bzr (to call windows python and bzr in the right

Anyway, what plugins are you trying to use that aren't working for you?

The correct location for plugins are in
C:\Documents And Settings\<username>\Application Data\Bazaar\2.0\plugins

Which is ugly as hell, but is where Windows asks you to put application
specific things.

But this is my bzr.bat wrapper:
@echo off
set BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=h:\dev\bzr\plugins
C:\Python24\python H:\dev\bzr\\bzr %*

So I set the plugin path to something more appealing to me (my
development location).

Anyway, I use 'vimdiff', binary_sys, shortlog, bzrtools, etc.
I'm not sure which ones aren't working for you.
I know 'vimdiff' expects vim or gvim to be installed.
gannotate/bzrk would require GTK to be installed. But I think they are
GTK only, so they might have a chance of working. (gnome isn't ported,
but gtk and pygtk are).

Some of the bzrtools probably expect diff/patch/etc to exist, so some of
them won't work, but other ones will.

What specifically are you experiencing?


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