"bzr update -r REVNO" wanted

Erik Bågfors zindar at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 22:10:23 BST 2006

On 6/23/06, Robert Widhopf-Fenk <hack at robf.de> wrote:
> How to do bisect to find the rev introducing a bug?
> With Subversion I do "svn update -r REVNO" on a tree
> without modifications, i.e. I "update" it to an older
> version, sometimes I even do it with individual files.
> For big trees it is even faster than a fresh checkout as
> only the files that have been modified between the current
> revision and REVNO are changed.
> This is quite convenient as I sometimes have other code or
> programs pointing to this working directory and config files
> within it not being under version control.  I even do not
> quit my IDE or debugger.
> With bzr I have to "rm -rf working dir" and then a
> "checkout" or "get" REVNO, but I cannot outdate a tree in
> place or did I miss a command or option?
> I would love to have "bzr update -r REVNO".
> Even HG seems to have it. ;-)

try bzr revert -r REVNO.

But I agree, update -r should exist...

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