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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Jun 22 19:58:13 BST 2006

Robey Pointer wrote:
> On 20 Jun 2006, at 11:49, John Arbash Meinel wrote:


>> Looking at my svn branch of lsprof.py, it has the indenting that I
>> switched to. Where 'if e.calls'  is on the same level as 'if not
>> isinstance'. That was the major difference between the bzr one and the
>> lsprof.py one.
> If this is what the lsprof maintainer did, then they must have a reason,
> so we should probably do it too.  I just tried it and it seems to work
> fine.
> I wonder if there are any other changes they've made?

I didn't see any other major changes. I think there were a couple small
They changed 'p.enable(subcalls=True)' to
'p.enable(subcalls=True, builtins=True)'

Though it seems builtins default to True, since we are seeing them.

We changed 'profile()' so that it returns the value of the function,
rather than expecting no return.
And then we changed from 'sys.modules.items()' to 'sys.modules.iteritems()'.

So maybe we want to add the 'builtins=True' call.

>> I think we can leave in ddaa's patch. The indentation bug existed before
>> his patch. We can have someone else try and get calltree output if you
>> don't feel like messing with it.
> Even better would be finding out what's the gtk equivalent of that kde
> app. :)
> robey

Yeah. But so far, I don't know that one exists. :)


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