profile_imports not in bzrlib

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Jun 22 10:06:45 BST 2006

Martin Pool wrote:
> The profile_imports module isn't inside bzrlib, and so isn't installed
> by  This means that if you use --profile-imports on an
> installed copy of bzr it fails.
> So we can either 
> 1 - put it inside bzrlib
> 2- install it as a top level module
> 3- or just live with the fact that it fails
> I guess 1 has the drawback that bzrlib/__init__ will be exempted from
> profiling but I think i'd still prefer that.

The problem is that bzrlib.__init__ *and anything it imports* will be
excluded. Plus anything that has been imported by 'bzr' before we load

Originally I had the code inside 'bzr', but I thought that was a little

I did sort of want to allow for to be a standalone
lib, since I would probably like to use it on other things that I've

We could do both, and have it fall back to a builtin version if it can't
get a top-level version.


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