[RFC] New feature: --batch to accept command sequences from stdin (or file)

Jari Aalto+mail.perl jari.aalto at cante.net
Wed Jun 21 22:39:39 BST 2006

* Wed 2006-06-21 Aaron Bentley <aaron.bentley AT utoronto.ca>
* Message-Id: 44997B1C.3010207 AT utoronto.ca
>> bzr startup time, as for all interpreted languages (Perl, Python ...)
>> is quite constly. Especially under Win32/Cygwin it takes 3-5 seconds
>> before simple "bzr ci" is run under old hardware.
> We're working on reducing the startup time so that it's comparable with
> Hg's.  That's what the recent discussion of "demandload" and "profiling
> imports" was about.  One of the reasons for the new "dirstate" format is
> to avoid having to import ElementTree.


Originally I was more thinking the language interpreter startup time,
which I expected to be the problem. In PII 400Mhz/512M/W2k/Cygwin this

   $ time python -c "exit;"

takes average of 1.5 sec (real). To run 3 commands in series, it would
take total:

    1.5 x 3

hence my question if --batch could be considered.

>> It would be nice if bzr somehow accepted commands to run from 
>> stdin, from file or command line. Something like:
> There is already the "bzr serve" plugin.  See also the "bzr shell"
> command in bzrtools, for interactive use.

OK, Where can I learn more about the "serve" plugin?

Could the "serve" plugin be included in the Core? This sounds like it
would help people using Cygwin version of python.


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