[MERGE] Let find_previous_heads take a repository.

Johan Rydberg jrydberg at gnu.org
Mon Jun 19 01:44:22 BST 2006

Johan Rydberg <jrydberg at gnu.org> writes:

>>> InventoryEntry.find_previous_heads currently takes a store plus a
>>> transaction, and optionally a VersionedFile.  This exposes the
>>> underlying format to the inventory and commit functionality.  
>>> This patch let find_previous_heads take a Repository object instead,
>>> and add a "get_file_ancestry" method to Repository.
>> I agree we need to reorganise this - I think this approach is not quite
>> right...
> Robert and I discussed this a bit on IRC.  Here's a new patch to shoot
> down.  We both dislike the fact that find_previous_heads use either a
> repository, or a passed repository_file, but because of how the
> upgrade code works it is a must, I'm afraid.

Still seeking +1/comments.

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