[BUG] cannot merge bundle if standalone branch was in shared repo

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Sun Jun 18 16:42:34 BST 2006

Hash: SHA1

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> First, Testament.as_sha1() is not returning the sha1 hash of
> as_text_lines, it is returning the sha1 hash of the short form. Which is
> actually pretty bogus.
> The issue is that the short text contains the sha1 hash of all of the
> testament lines, and then adds revision_id and a header.
> However, the long form (which is hashed for the short form) already
> contains the revision id internally, so the short form isn't adding any
> new information.

I was doing it in order to include a header in the hashed form, but
you're right, there's already a long-form header in there.  So it's fine
with me if we use the same hash as the one in the short form.

> Because hashing the short form doesn't add any information, I would like
> to propose the attached patch. I realize this will break existing
> bundles, so we probably need to fix some things on that end. We could
> compute 2 sha1's at verification time. Or we could change the format
> number, etc.

Let's just change the format number.  That will break noisily, and if we
need to use an old bundle, we can just use an old bzr.

There are also a few whitespace issues in StrictTestament that we could
clean up at the same time.

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