[MERGE] Use "create_signatures" for signing

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Jun 15 18:39:52 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Hi all,
> The signing configuration is currently a bit wonky: there is a
> "create_signatures" option documented, but it currently does nothing.
> The "check_signatures" option turns on signing, but doesn't check
> signatures.
> This patch
>  - implements the create_signatures option as authoritative
>  - deprecates the use of "check_signatures" for determining whether to
> create signatures.
> The use of "check_signatures" to control signature checking is NOT
> deprecated.  Rather, a warning is issued when people have a checking
> policy but no signing policy, and they commit.
> I don't understand how the 'when-required' option is supposed to work,
> though I have implemented it faithfully.  Surely a branch that requires
> signatures would have its own 'create_signatures=always' setting in
> .bzr/branch/branch.conf.
> I think trying to consolidate these policies into a single configuration
> option is a mistake, because there are many reasonable variations:
> 1. I don't care about signatures
> 2. Check signatures if present, but don't sign
> 3. Require signatures, but don't sign
> 4. Check signatures if present, and always sign
> 5. Require signatures, and always sign.
> Aaron

I haven't reviewed the actual patch. But I'm 100% in agreement that
'check_signatures' should only set the check flag, and
'create_signatures' should be the flag that makes you create new ones.


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