[MERGE] no default ignores

Denys Duchier duchier at ps.uni-sb.de
Mon Jun 12 16:44:26 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley <aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca> writes:

> While this would probably be good, I like the three-step project setup:
> init, add, commit.  So I think it might make sense to add a --defaults
> parameter to init, e.g. "$bzr init --defaults latex".  This could also
> provide other defaults, as time goes on.

hmm... this seems to be either too little or too much:

* too little: because, for example, when I set up a project for writing a paper,
  I also need to run a homegrown script to create appropriate Makefiles, etc...

* too much: because, if setting up a certain project type requires executing
  additional setup scripts, why not use a script to setup the "ignores" that I
  really care about (especially when what to ignore maybe heavily dependent on
  idiosyncratic naming conventions).

So, basically, I like the "bzr init --defaults <TYPE>" idea, but only if <TYPE>
denotes an arbitrary initialization procedure, not just a set of default



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