bzr crash when adding word document

John Arbash Meinel john at
Wed Jun 7 14:51:39 BST 2006

Mark wrote:
> On 6/7/06, *Matthieu Moy* <Matthieu.Moy at
> <mailto:Matthieu.Moy at>> wrote:
>     Mark <mwatts42 at <mailto:mwatts42 at>> writes:
>     > added bzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't
>     > encode ch
>     > aracter u'\u2013' in position 54: character maps to <undefined>
>     >   at encodings\cp437.pyc line 18
>     >   in encode
>     >
>     > Unfortunently I can not post the word document as it is confidential.
>     The complete traceback should appear in ~/.bzr.log, it might help.
>     --
>     Matthieu
> Yep. Here is the log entry.  I have replace the file name characters
> with "x" but the number and length of the filename is the same.  As youy
> can see it appears that there is a character \u2013 used in the file
> name.  Visually this appears as a long "-" but Windows displays it as a
> valid file name.
> -mark

I have a feeling you are running into 2 problems, which may be fixed in
just a couple of hours.

The first question is what happens if you 'dir' the directory? I'm
guessing that your console is unable to display the name of the file.

In the present bzr codebase, characters that cannot be displayed on the
local terminal prevent commit from succeeding, because it is trying to
display what changed.

I have an encoding branch which just finished passing tests, which
should handle this more gracefully. Since it is only reporting to the
user, bzr commit shouldn't fail if it can't print a file, though some of
the other commands should fail for other reasons. (bzr ls output is
generally meant to be piped into another program, so getting it wrong
would cause bad things to happen)

I am personally reviewing the full set of changes right now, and I have
another couple people here to review it. If everyone is happy, it will
get merged later on today.


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