[rfc] pulling of new revisions after merge makes two branches identical?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Jun 5 14:46:13 BST 2006

John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>[bzr.exe 0.8.2]
>>I think sometimes this behaviour is good, but sometimes -- not. And I
>>cannot revert this pull operation and this last fact is the worst thing
>>in this situation.
> As Martin said, we used to allow you to maintain history, but now 'bzr
> pull' also changes your history to be that of the other branch.
> If you are able to get access to the old branch, you should be able to do:
> bzr pull --overwrite old/branch
> And then you can do
> bzr merge new/branch
> bzr commit
> Rather than doing the new pull.
> We may not fully implement it, but in theory you could do:
> bzr pull --overwrite -r revid:theoneyouwant .
> Which should reset your current tree, to something in the past.
> The other option would be 'bzr uncommit -r revid:theoneyouwant', but I'm
> pretty sure uncommit only works along the current history.
> Can you try them, and file a bug report for not being able to specify
> revisions which are not in your 'revision history'?

Well, I have do nothing but experiment with my branches. So I try to
access to old backups of my main branch, but I miss one revision from
today. So I try to make branch from mixed main branch (that I pull by
mistake) and try to run 'bzr branch -r revid:XXXX' and hopefully it
works OK. After that I have restored main branch and I can do merge as
you suggested.

This is not trivial operation but I'm cope with this task :-)
May be it need to write something like a receipe about how to deal with
this situation.

I'm glad to certain in practice that my history actually don't lost,
just slightly harder to access to particular non-mainline point. I guess
  GUI should do this operations more easy.


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