obtains logs of revisions from the date?

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr
Mon May 29 13:37:32 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley <aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca> writes:

> I think it would make sense if revision specs could produce ranges as
> well as single revisions.  Then -r date:some_date could produce the
> range from the start of the day to its end (though this is tricky, due
> to time zones.).

Globally good idea.

One point, though: I was thinking of adding a variant to the X..Y
notation, allowing multiple -r options (I think that's the way CVS

  $ bzr diff -r 1..3

is very nice, but

  $ bzr diff -r branch:/path/to/branch/..date:yesterday

starts to be unreadable, and I'd prefer

  $ bzr diff -r branch:/path/to/branch \
             -r date:yesterday

And it becomes even worse if you allow arbitrary remote revision (see
my proposed patch for revno:N:branch, or the other discussed syntax
with /path/to/branch,revno=N). Not even talking about branches with
relative path which themselves contain ".."!

In this case, it makes argument parsing more complex, because when you
parse "date:some_date", you don't yet know whether there is another -r
argument on the command line, so you don't know whether to use the
range or a single point in time.

That's probably manageable, but from the user point of view, I also
find it a bit strange that in

  $ bzr diff -r date:yesterday [...]

the meaning of date:yesterday may depend on the content of "[...]".

> Another range that most people would like would be one that allowed them
> to see the changes introduced by a revision.  That is, "bzr diff -r
> changes:5" would show you the changes introduced by revision 5, relative
> to revision 4.

+1 !


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