bzr-gui product name

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Sat May 27 11:33:17 BST 2006

Robert Collins <robertc at> writes:

> What about 'bzr gui' ? :)

I'd prefer a more neutral name, to leave room for other GUI if someone
wants to write some.

It depends on whether you want a canonical GUI (... is _the_ gui for
bzr), or just one (... is _a_ gui for bzr). I'd rather have no
canonical GUI, since GUI's are something that rarely make everyone
happy. If you make a gtk GUI, KDE users will complain that it's hugly,
and vice versa, ...

Availability of _a_ GUI seems a key point for bzr adoption, but a
canonical (I mean, "official", not the company name) GUI is not IMHO a
good thing.

(see a thread about this on Mercurial's ML some time ago)


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