cdv test failures

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu May 25 00:49:47 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:


>> That is the first I've heard of dictionaries not being deterministic. I
>> know they are random, but I've never heard of them sorting in a
>> different order.
> I see 5 failing tests when they fail. Is it a single change to fix them
> all?
> Rob

Most likely not. It sounds like the tests are expecting SequenceMatcher
to always pick one of the possible alternatives, and you are seeing
times when it is picking the other path.

I just ran 'bzr selftest', and I found a bunch of failing tests.
Actually, on my machine they always seem to fail. It might be a python
2.4.3 thing versus python 2.4.1. On my Fedora Core machine, the tests pass.

On my Ubuntu Dapper machine, the tests fail.

I guess some python internals changed that we didn't expect.


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