Bazaar-NG vs. Mercurial -- speed comparison

Bryan O'Sullivan mambo.chicken at
Thu May 18 21:33:46 BST 2006

On 5/18/06, Jan Hudec <bulb at> wrote:

> No, it's not a plain http. It's a mercurial protocol over http and requires
> mercurial server.

No, you can serve a plain repository over HTTP (i.e. just the files in
.hg) without a CGI server. It's just quite slow (i.e. much slower than
using the CGI), so we don't push it as a feature.

> Ok, when you have an ssh connection you can probably run your programs there.
> But eg. my friend still has a server running on woody, where latest installed
> python is 2.1. Setting up mercurial is a matter of 2 minutes -- but setting
> up python2.3 is not.

That's true. If you're using a really old platform, there's a bit of
extra work required.

> Knits certainly DON'T have to be read in entirety to reconstruct a version.

Yes, other people have pointed this out. Thanks for the correction.

> What I don't know is how knits and revlogs compare in number of blocks in the
> scatter/gather read request.

My observation was that knit files and indices seem to be bigger than
our files (i.e. .bzr is almost 2x the size of .hg when storing the
same data), so I don't know how they compare on individual accesses,
but more data on disk presumably translates to more reading at some

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