Bazaar-NG vs. Mercurial -- speed comparison

Bryan O'Sullivan mambo.chicken at
Thu May 18 21:26:47 BST 2006

On 5/18/06, John Arbash Meinel <john at> wrote:

> Well, unfortunately it doesn't really do everything that you might want
> it to do.

That's true.

> Though maybe you could do:
> demandload(globals(), 'bzrlib:errors')
> But that loads the 'errors' member of bzrlib, not the actual module.

Are you sure? I would have expected it to load the module, but it's
been a while since I looked.

> So I'll keep playing, but in the meantime it isn't just a drop-in
> replacement.

OK, fair enough; I'd have hoped it would be a simple drop-in
replacement, but it looks like it handles exactly our importing needs,
and not all general cases. If you find that you need to make some
fixes, we'll be happy to take patches.

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