Tracking Third-Party Sources (Vendor Branches)?

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Tue May 16 17:15:04 BST 2006

Without actually reading this document. This is how I do it.  I find
bzr to be much better at doing this than what cvs/svn is.

This is all assuming that the 3rd party source, doesn't use bzr (in
which case, it's much easier)

* Download the source
* Unpack source
    tar xzvf source.tar.gz
* Create a bzr branch
    cd source
    bzr init
    bzr add
    bzr commit -m 'initial import of 3rd party source'
* Create a new branch, where I do my hacking
    cd ..
    bzr branch source mysource

* Hack away in mysource; commit; do whatever...

Now, upstream releases a new version,
* Download it
* Go to the old 3rd party source bzr branch,
  cd source
* remove working tree
  rm -rf *
* Unpack the old source in this directory
  (This can mean, unpack and move)
* Add all new files
  bzr add
* commit the new version
  bzr ci -m 'import of  version 2"
* Merge this change to your own branch
  cd ../mysource
  bzr merge ../source
  resolve conflicts
  bzr commit -m 'import of version 2'

* hack away...


On 5/16/06, Bob Tanner <tanner at> wrote:
> Maybe my years of cvs usage has caused my brain to rot, but I cannot seem to
> figure out how to use bzr to track 3rd part sources like I do in cvs.
> Is the concept to fundamental to bzr and I just don't see it?
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