sftp urls are interpreted as a local paths

Haakon Riiser haakon.riiser at fys.uio.no
Mon May 15 16:57:21 BST 2006

I'm trying out bzr for the first time, and I'm having trouble
with sftp urls.  Example:

  $ rm -rf foo; mkdir foo; cd foo
  $ bzr checkout sftp://user@host/~/path/to/branch/ branch
  bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: /tmp/sftp:/user at host/~/path/to/branch/
  $ bzr version | head -1
  bzr (bazaar-ng) 0.8

Notice that the error message indicates that bzr never tries to
access the specified host using sftp.  Instead, it tries the local
path /tmp/sftp:/user at host/~/path/to/branch/.

Tried both the wiki and the mailing list archives, but without any
luck.  Have I missed something obvious?


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