bzrk / bzr viz not showing graphical representation of branch history [Was: Re: negative numbers of revisions pulled ??]

Jan Hudec bulb at
Sat May 13 12:27:21 BST 2006

On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 22:13:30 +0100, Joseph Wakeling wrote:
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> Jan Hudec wrote:
> > I actually think it's more likely that it's pygtk that is compiled without
> > pycairo (if that's possible, but it might be), or somehow miscompiled.
> The pygtk I'm using comes with SUSE whereas pycairo had to be installed
> from source (it's not included with the distro and there are no
> available RPMs).  So I guess that's possible.

Than it's almost sure that pygtk is compiled without pycairo -- otherwise
pycairo would have to be packaged. You will have to install pygtk from

> I guess I could try installing pygtk from source too but I'm kind of
> wary of that, because I'm not much of a Linux power user and when I mess
> around, I tend to break things. :-(

When you have installed pycairo anyway, so install pygtk the same way.

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