tags vs branches in a repo

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri May 12 17:48:30 BST 2006

Jan Hudec wrote:


> This leads me to think, that tags are really just a kind of revision
> properties. I think of revision properties that would have a type and
> set of values, could be added and removed to/from existing revisions and
> would allow searching a revision by them.
> One type would be 'tag', that would have special property that only one
> revision on a branch can have a particular value. Another type could be
> 'annotation', that could contain arbitrary strings. Signatures, both
> author's and other (like reviewer's etc.) could be implemented with that
> as well.
> Similarly to file properties I'd say that each property type would need
> a class implementing it. The property would be copied around without
> that, but could only be manipulated via that class.

I'm curious how this could be done. It would need to be some sort of
'post-commit' properties that can be added/removed without actually
effecting the revision itself. (Since it would be separately signed).

I know monotone has all properties done separately using 'certificates'.
But I don't know how they inform people that a certificate has been
added or revoked.

At one point I could see doing it with the same mechanism I was
discussing for with Tags. Where you have a new random meta-revision-id,
which is used to indicate hierarchy (precedence).

But you still have all the issues of finding and resolving conflicts.

I also like having important stuff be part of the revision itself, but
that depends on how important it is, and you have to know it at commit time.


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