confused by repositories

John A Meinel john at
Wed May 10 15:52:42 BST 2006

Matthieu Moy wrote:
> John Whitley wrote:
>> Agreed.  Is it possible to change the type of a repository via bzr
>> after its creation, w.r.t. working trees? 
> Of the repository, I don't know, and don't think so.
> For individual branches, just "bzr checkout".
> (I think the error message used to say "use bzr checkout", but the same
> message was issued in another context where this was even more misleading)

WARNING: I don't recommend messing with the internal files unless you
know what you are doing. That said....

I don't believe there is any command-level interface for changing a
repository. But doing:

rm $repo/.bzr/repository/no-working-trees

Will effectively change a standard repository into one with --trees.

And naturally, doing:

touch $repo/.bzr/repository/no-working-trees

would switch it back.

But this only sets what the default will be for a new branch, and as
mentioned, running 'bzr checkout' in that directory will create a
working tree.


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