[BUG] bzr 0.8 add on Unicode filename fails

John Whitley whitley at acm.org
Mon May 8 23:56:01 BST 2006

John A Meinel wrote:
> I have a branch which has done a lot of the work, available here:
> http://bzr.arbash-meinel.com/branches/bzr/encoding/

Ah, the famous encodings branch that Alexander spoke of.  ;-)  I'd  
certainly be happy to play with it; for now I was able to bzr ignore  
the offending directory -- the files there are fortunately  
unimportant.  Is this branch more-or-less in sync with bzr.dev?

In any event, I'm really glad that 0.8 is out -- congrats all around  
on the release.  As of today, I'm using bzr for local source control  
at work.  I've set up a shared repo with one branch whose contents  
track CVS.  I do all cvs updates/commits from this directory, while  
active development generally goes on in various other branches.

As I vet out the working model for bzr as a second-layer VCS, I'll  
make converts of other developers via bzr's merits.  That, in turn,  
opens the door to overthrowing the tyranny of CVS itself... but I  
digress.  ;-)

-- John

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