short welcome message for bzr

John A Meinel john at
Mon May 8 19:44:25 BST 2006

Martin Pool wrote:
> On 07/05/2006, at 3:49 AM, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> I'd like to make in win32 distribution some special launcher that invoke
>>> command shell in particular directory and prints short message from bzr.
>>> Because by default new command console starts with size of 80*25 symbols
>>> I need something attractive and small (23 lines max).
>>> Output of "bzr help" is bad because it more than 23 lines.
> Actually by my count it's just on 23 lines now.  Possibly we could make 
> better use of them though...
>> I would get rid of the "Please remember to keep backups!". We have
>> certainly discussed removing it from 'bzr help', and it takes up a lot
>> of precious space.
> It's now gone from bzr help.
>> he web-page is wrong now. It should be "", attached is a
>> patch in jam-integration to fix all occurrences of to
>> So I would do something more like the attached help.txt. It is 22 lines
>> long, so it fits your length requirements. And I think it gives the very
>> basic, very useful commands. I changed the grouping a little bit, some
>> to save space, and some to put the common commands for new users
>> together. (init, add, ignore, commit then status, diff, log).
>> John
>> =:->
> +1 for that.

I submitted the bazaar-ng => bazaar-vcs to the pqm.


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