Public Impressions

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon May 8 05:31:05 BST 2006

On 05/05/2006, at 11:24 PM, John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> I've been reading some posts from here:
> And the biggest thing I get from it is that we need to clean up our
> presentation to outside people. We have a lot of terms and
> functionality, and such. But I think we really need to take some  
> time, and:
> 1) Clean up the Wiki. [...]

> 2) Manually go through the tutorial and make mistakes while we are at
> it. Just to get the real impression about how the interface works, and
> how it complains when you do something wrong.

I think these and Ian's post are pretty accurate.

(It's a little ironic that the mess that was on was one  
thing we originally wanted very much to improve upon, so we really  
should do better now.)

I think we haven't been clear on what the documentation should really  
look like - what should be on the wiki and what in the source tree;  
should every mode of use be in the same document or should there be  
supplements; should it be oriented towards cvs users or not?  Anyhow,  
it is something that can be fixed with a bit of work, and it's  
something we should prioritise.

> 3) Consider changing the program name. A lot of people don't like to
> type "bzr". My co-worker aliased it to "bar", because then his pinky
> doesn't have to move as much. It would be great if we could find
> something that only used home-row keys. The other problem with bzr on
> Qwerty is that it reuses the same finger for b & r (on dvorak it  
> uses 3
> fingers, but the letters are just as spread out).

I could stand with installing a copy of the main program as bz or  
br.  I actually have trouble typing those because of muscle memory  
producing 'bzr' :-) but not everyone will be so trained.  I don't  
think we should change the canonical name again; it would be getting  
a bit ridiculous.


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