Is bzr already has logo or icon?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu May 4 23:51:24 BST 2006

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel пишет:
>> Still, there are a couple of things
>> 1) We haven't reached a community consensus, but it might be good enough
>> since we at least have something.
> I agree.
>> 2) It doesn't really say "Bazaar" in any way. It is just a couple of
>> branches. I don't know if we could just have the letters "Bazaar"
>> written over top of the stems, or maybe a big B, which has the branches
>> going through it. But as it is, it could stand for anything.
> I'd prefer to have small label "BZR" at bottom of icon but it will be
> unreadable in 16*16 size.

Actually, the letters BZR is pretty easy to write at the bottom. Just
add it directly to both images (so it will be relatively larger at 16x16).
I think BZR are probably easy to read letters. Without anti-aliasing, I
think in 16x16 you could easily do something like:

xxx  xxxx xxx
x  x   x  x  x
xxx   x   xxx
x  x x    x  x
xxx  xxxx x   x

That is 14x5, but seems very readable, especially if you could do some

> Do you remember CVS logo with funny fish? Their logo also does not have
> "CVS" label. I think it can be used as precedent ;-)
>> Thanks for your vote of confidence in my gimp-fu.
> :-)
> -- 
> Alexander

True, but I think having BZR would be helpful.


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