[PLUGIN] bzr_difftools fixes

Stephen Ward sward.dev at verizon.net
Wed May 3 14:17:31 BST 2006


I've updated the bzr_difftools plugin with the following fixes:

* added hints to temp directory names (revno, branch nick, or 'basis') to make 
it clearer (from within the various tools) which copy is which.

* added a DiffToolSwap subclass, and changed vimdiff and mgdiff to use this 
version, so that their arguments would be in the preferred order, e.g.

   register_diff_tool(DiffToolSwap('mgdiff', recursive=False))

* added a confirmation check before iteratively diffing the entire contents of 
a tree (still can't break out easily once the loop gets going, however).

The fixes are available at the usual location (see the PluginRegistry for 

-- Steve

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