0.8 release plans

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue May 2 14:44:12 BST 2006

I'd like to try to do a second 0.8 candidate this week and try to lead
from there to actually doing a release.

I know there are still some issues reported since 0.8rc1, or even earlier.  
Quite are number are things that we should fix, but not things that need
to be fixed before we can make a release that is an improvement on 0.7.
I want to stress that's the criteria: we don't want to hold off on
releasing until it's perfect; but rather to just have some improvements
and few or no regressions compared to the previous release.

(Any project in fairly active development is not likely to cooperatively
come down to zarro boogs on every release, unless the release is delayed
for a very long time, and I for one would like to get into regular,
monotonically improving releases.)

Robert and I (and anyone who wants to join us on #bzr) will be trying to
make an 0.8rc2 in the next one or two days, with the intention that this
will be released if there are no critical problems.

Here are the things I think we must do:

 - get another +1 and merge Alexander's small encoding fix
 - win32 fixes from Alexander, particularly deletion of readonly files.
   (any issues from Aaron?)
 - break-lock command, #5988
 - reweave parent ordering, #29674 (fix committed?)
 - sftp push requires a working tree, 
 - default to no diff prefixes?
 - update documentation & wiki for new features

See also


Please help me update this list.  If there are things you think we
really must do for 0.8 please make sure there is a bug filed, and reply
in this thread so we can find it.

If we can get this out this week I'll be delighted to start taking more
fixes after that.  We can try for an 0.8.1 with more performance and
less-critical fixes, and try to get that in to Dapper, and after that
make an 0.9 with more features.


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