knits - slow sftp pushes

Robert Collins robertc at
Mon May 1 03:12:21 BST 2006

we pay versions per file * 2 * round-trip-time on push operations.
This occurs because I overlooked it when optimising knits the first  
time around. The mechanism is that we write each version as they 
stream out of the source knit, which involves two writes: one to the
data file and one to the index. One solution is to have the sftp 
transport operate in a write-behind fashion and add a 'sync' or 
'flush' style call. I'm not in favour of this. Another approach is
to buffer all the writes into a single big append to each of the two
files inside the knit join operation. This is safer because it does
not involve us writing to the index in advance of data actually 
being confirmed by the server.

Thoughts? volunteers to do it?


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