A bzr announcements list?

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon May 1 02:04:01 BST 2006

On 28 Apr 2006, Lars Wirzenius <liw at liw.iki.fi> wrote:
> pe, 2006-04-28 kello 14:47 +0200, Olaf Conradi kirjoitti:
> > On 28/04/06, Lars Wirzenius <liw at liw.iki.fi> wrote:
> > > This list is very high volume, and is definitely too much for a casual
> > > user to follow. I think an announcement list would be a good idea. It
> > > could get the following kind of traffic:
> > 
> > OK, Request granted ;)
> > 
> > https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar-announce/
> Oh, good, it exists already. I can't see it mentioned on the pages of
> http://bazaar-vcs.org/, nor does the search at the top of the page find
> anything. What would be a good place to put that?

Maybe the "mailing list" link at the top should point to a wiki page
explaining the lists and how to get at the archives, etc?  (I'm not sure
if that template can be edited from within moin or if they're special
files on that server...)


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