Filesystem paths

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Fri Apr 28 08:19:20 BST 2006

Martin Pool пишет:
> I see svn uses a colon.
> I really don't see any value in using a | character when generating  new 
> urls - there is precedent for both, and the colon will be more  
> familiar.  Either can be accepted.

Hmm... I see this (

"Also, users of the file: scheme on Windows platforms will need to use
an unofficially “standard” syntax for accessing repositories that are on
the same machine, but on a different drive than the client's current
working drive. Either of the two following URL path syntaxes will work
where X is the drive on which the repository resides:

C:\> svn checkout file:///X:/path/to/repos
C:\> svn checkout "file:///X|/path/to/repos"

In the second syntax, you need to quote the URL so that the vertical bar
character is not interpreted as a pipe.

Note that a URL uses ordinary slashes even though the native (non-URL)
form of a path on Windows uses backslashes."

Look at one from bottom paragraph and note about pipe.


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