line identity and regression suites

John Yates jyates at
Wed Apr 26 18:49:41 BST 2006

On Wednesday, 2006-04-26 John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> You could use it right now by using the line identity of 'file-id +
> revision-id + line-number' when the line is first introduced.

Fair enough.  I can imagine how to map code coverage results
to this form.  But I do not see how to carry out the second,
more interesting step, namely, given line-numbers of affected
lines within a later revision, how I recover line identity.

My hope is that a notion of line identity might be sufficiently
interesting that bzr would see fit to acknowledge it as a
valid form of annotation.  For a given file-id and revision a
sufficient mechanism would be an ability to obtain an ordered
list of line-ids.

> Codeville tracks them as revision-id + line num + version, because it
> allows resurrecting old versions of a line, etc.

For this particular application I believe that I could survive
without a notion of version.


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