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Robert Collins robertc at
Mon Apr 24 12:25:21 BST 2006

= Launchpad review team meeting, 2006-06-24 =

The meeting started at 1100 UTC on #launchpad,
The meeting ended at 1123 UTC.

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This summary written by Robert Collins on 2006-06-24.

== Agenda ==

 * Roll call
 * Agenda
 * Next meeting
 * Queue status, calls for help

== Roll call ==

From Canonical:

 * Robert Collins (lifeless) (meeting chair)
 * Andrew Bennetts (on leave)
 * Bjorn Tillenius (BjornT)
 * Matthew Thomas (mpt)

Next meeting: 2006-07-01 at 1100 UTC.

Queue status - reasonabe. 2 old branches in needs-review. More in other
sections (2 in needs-reply, 5 in merge-conditional), but this is out of
the reviewers hands...

Calls for help - None

New pending-reviews feature request:
21:14 < lifeless> jamesh: the pending reviews page is not showing the
branches in the ui queue - they are also in other peoples queues.
21:14 < lifeless> jamesh: perhaps we can show them as 'spiv,mpt' which
while not quite accurate (it conflates the respective statii)  will at
least hint that there are multiple reviewers, to set expectations.
21:15 < lifeless> and perhaps take the worst-case status (i.e.
needs-review if any reviewer is set to that, needs-reply , then
merge-condition etc)
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