bug tracking categories

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Apr 21 07:57:21 BST 2006

As many people will know, bzr bugs are tracked in


Robert and I are looking through the open bugs now.  (Feel free to
join us in #bzr on freenode.net. :-)

Two of the status values may be ambiguous: "fix committed" and "fix
released".  It might be reasonable to set "fix released" when the fix
has gone out in a tarball, but there's not any good way to automate that
at the moment.  Therefore I suggest we mark bugs "fix released" when the
fix goes into bzr.dev, and add a comment with the name of the upcoming
release so people can see when it's going to be published.  "Fix
committed" can be used when it's in someone's branch.


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