[BUG] Knit code assertion error

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Apr 21 00:13:38 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:


>> The tarball is quite a bit bigger (I assume because everything is
>> gzipped, and thus bz2 can't do as well) but you can get it here:
>> http://src.i-clic.uihc.uiowa.edu/bzr/mifar-repo-knit.tar.bz2
>> So to be clear, I can branch into a repository that does not contain
>> working trees. And I can upgrade an existing branch. But when I go to
>> create a working tree, it causes the above error. (If you want, I can
>> attach the traceback).
> This was fixed by pqm at pqm.ubuntu.com-20060420052645-766474fe9eefd59a
> Really fix short-read support in tuned_gzip. The python zlib module
> behaved differently than thought.
> Cheers,
> Rob

Well, I can confirm that it does indeed work now. Also, I want to
mention that this was a decompress only bug, so the creation of the knit
seems to be fine. Just that the checkout would fail. Which is very
comforting, since it means I don't need to re-convert the checkout.


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