problems with an arch-converted repo under cygwin

John Arbash Meinel john at
Fri Apr 21 00:07:13 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Baz wrote:
>>>> So you can use them, but only if you use the 'knit' format for your
>>>> local tree. Are you using the released 0.7, or one of the development
>>>> copies? In general, the solution isn't really easy, but we can walk you
>>>> through a workaround.
>>> I thought it might be that - the old arch repo was unusable for the
>>> same reasons. I've got the 0.8 release candidate here, I'm happy
>>> enough being on the bleeding edge if it works at all...
>>> do I do this then?
> Well, it's hacky, but...
> First, create an empty local branch in knit format.  For simplicity,
> I'll use a standalone branch:
> bzr init planet
> Now, pull remote branch into the local one.  (You can pull any branch
> into an empty branch.)
> cd planet
> bzr pull
> This should leave you with a knit-formatted copy of the branch.
> Aaron

The *slightly* less hackish way of doing it is as follows:

Create a local knit-style repository:

$ bzr init-repo --format=knit my-repo

Branch the remote project into the knit repo:

$ bzr branch sftp://other/path my-repo/local/path

Now, this only works if "sftp://other/path" is a metadir or knit
repository. Because standalone branches create standalone branches,
while branching into a repo from a metadir format will create it locally
as a knit/weave depending on the repo format.

And with the latest code, you should be able to upgrade a remote branch,
at least from 0.7 format to metadir. (bzr upgrade --format=metadir

Like I said, it is only slightly less hackish.


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