cp -al and knits

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr
Thu Apr 20 12:34:07 BST 2006


the old way to do cheap branches was to "cp -al" the branch directory.

Is that still possible/recommandable with knit (which append to the file 
instead of overriding it).

After a few experiments, it seems commiting to one branch adds to the 
revision store of the other branch, but without modifying its revision 
history (hardlinks are still broken on .bzr/branch/revision-history).

As a result, it "still somewhat works", but seems very likely to break 
(the branch locks are not shared, so you might get concurrent accesses).

I suppose "cp -al" should be mentionned as a _dangerous_ operation 
instead of a supported feature on the faq :


(anyway, repositories are a better replacement for that isn't it?)


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