comments on release candidate

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Apr 18 06:18:35 BST 2006

On 14 Apr 2006, Erik Bågfors <zindar at> wrote:
> Congrats for getting out a release candidate. I'd love to see a 0.8
> release soon.
> Here are some random comments on the RC...

Thanks for the comments.

> 1) metadir format not default?
> This should really change since it's needed for shared, repos, bound
> branches,checkouts, etc.  Most of us use them, and I think they have
> been tested really good.

Yes, we should change that.  I'll do that now for another rc in the next
couple of days.

> 2) knits still experimental.
> Are they not planned for 0.8? 0.8 was going to be default for at least
> a year I thought? What's keeping it back?
I think we can at least remove the warning. j

> 3) bzr branch cannot branch TO a remote location
> This bothers me
> See
> 4) Paths are always from root of tree,
> See
> 5) : [bagfors at zyrgelkwyt]$ ; bzr init
> bzr: ERROR: Already a branch: .. Use `bzr checkout` to build a working tree.
> But I already have a working tree

OK, the message is trying to be helpful, but should probably suppress
that suggestion if there is a working tree.

> 6) bzr help init-repo
> example:
>     bzr init-repo repo
>     bzr init --format=metadir repo/trunk
>     cd repo/trunk
>     (add files here)
> Bad example (see earlier mail)
> 7) : [bagfors at zyrgelkwyt]$ ; bzr help branch
> usage: bzr branch FROM_LOCATION [TO_LOCATION]
> Not clear that TO_LOCATION has to be local. Some information on how to
> create a remote branch would be good.
> 8) bzr help checkout
> Description of normal checkouts is under --lightweight, that's where I
> would expect to read about ligthweight checkouts, not normal..
> 9) bzr help commit
> Talks about bound branches, but I can't find anything else about bound
> branches. Under "bzr help checkout", it's never talked about bound
> branches, just "normal checkouts". (which happens to be the same, but
> that's not said anywhere)
> 10) bzr init defaults to ., bzr init-repo does not default to .,
> MAYBE this is intentional and good? Just inconsistent I think
> 11) bzr pull cannot create a new branch, bzr push can create a new
> branch. I expect them to behave the same.
> See
> 12) bzr help
> the warning
> WARNING: This is an unstable development version.
>          Please keep backups.
> Should be removed, since this is a RC, or do you want to keep that under 2.0?

I think this can now be removed.


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