Assertion failure in knit code

John A Meinel john at
Wed Apr 12 20:39:54 BST 2006

I was trying to test out converting a branch into a knit format, and I
got an assertion error, attached is the relevant part of bzr.log.

One thing I really didn't expect, was to see all of the "Garbage
inventory" statements. I had already done a 'bzr reconcile' on the branch.

I know that this branch has a bunch of ghosts, because it was a
conversion from arch, where the arch project had become corrupt at one
point, so baz2bzr cannot convert any of that particular branch.
(Fortunately, it wasn't mainline, though it had 200+ revisions).

The branch is public, though it is fairly large (about 41M). I have it
as part of a repository at:

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