comments on release candidate

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Sun Apr 16 15:57:35 BST 2006

> > 2) knits still experimental.
> > Are they not planned for 0.8? 0.8 was going to be default for at least
> > a year I thought? What's keeping it back?
> I would love to see them be enabled. But they really aren't ready yet. I
> don't know if it is just waiting on a couple of merges, but I have a
> branch that fails to convert.
> And last time I tried it, 'bzr status' was slower with knits than with
> weaves.

So, will weaves be default in 0.8? And will 0.8 stay default for a year?

> > 3) bzr branch cannot branch TO a remote location
> > This bothers me
> >
> > See
> I think right now we might be able to support branching into a
> repository without working trees. Just that the Repository/Branch code
> uses Transport, but WorkingTree uses direct os.* or open() calls.

Cool, I've never tried that.

> > 4) Paths are always from root of tree,
> > See
> >
> Having seen svn's only commit from this directory down in action, I
> really prefer bzr's commit everything unless you supply '.'. It at least
> gives you the option. And I think it is a safer default (you don't
> forget to commit stuff because it wasn't in the current directory).

Ehh.. did you read the bug?
I agree with everything you say above, but that's not what I was
talking about. Please see the bug in the url above.

> > 10) bzr init defaults to ., bzr init-repo does not default to .,
> > MAYBE this is intentional and good? Just inconsistent I think
> I think init-repo should default to '.'. I thought there was a patch to
> support this.
> I have frequently done 'mkdir foo; cd foo; bzr init-repo', just to be
> told that I need to supply a path and 'bzr init-repo .' just says the
> path already exists.

I think init-repo on a existing path work in latest, but it
doesn't default to .

> > 11) bzr pull cannot create a new branch, bzr push can create a new
> > branch. I expect them to behave the same.
> >
> > See
> As mentioned above, *I* think 'bzr branch' should create new remote
> branches, and 'bzr push' should not.

I agree...


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