hgwebdir plugin problem with non-ascii chars

Marc Poulhiès marc.poulhies at imag.fr
Thu Apr 13 07:40:40 BST 2006


I'm using bzr with the web interface plugin (port from hg IIRC) and have 
a small encoding problem since yesterday's changes in the plugin.
Last time I reported a bug for this plugin, I was told to post to the 
list also, I hope this is still correct :)

If I have something like my name in the config file:

author = Marc Poulhiès

I end up with this error (config file is utf-8 here, but this is the 
same with iso-8859):
*UnicodeDecodeError*: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 
11: ordinal not in range(128)
     args = ('ascii', 'Marc Poulhi\xc3\xa8s', 11, 12, 'ordinal not in 
     encoding = 'ascii'
     end = 12
     object = 'Marc Poulhi\xc3\xa8s'
     reason = 'ordinal not in range(128)'
     start = 11

I'm not too familiar with encodings, but I managed to fix this (see 
attached patch), but I guess this is not the clean way of doing it...


PS: sending this mail again as it was in the moderation queue and I was 
not sure it would have got out soon.

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