rsync copy is broken?

William Dode wilk-ml at
Tue Mar 28 11:08:42 BST 2006

On 28-03-2006, Martin Pool wrote:
> We could remove the working tree, but then it won't be so useful as a
> way to bootstrap a new copy of bzr.  In any case removing it would
> require upgrading to a metadir format, which would make it impossible to
> pull down using bzr 0.7.
> As an interim measure perhaps we can set up a cron job that will revert
> it.  There is still a race window where someone might get an out-of-date
> working tree.
> Robert, would it be possible to make the public mirror pull from the
> pqm-maintained branch, so that pull could update the working tree?
> Updating the working tree over sftp would be pretty useful.

What about a different command than pull to update a working tree ?  

bzr export sftp:... | ftp:... | rsync:...

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