SVN2BZR: what is svn.dump?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Feb 22 12:10:48 GMT 2006

Wouter van Heyst пишет:
> On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 01:26:32PM +0200, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>I try to convert some svn repositories to bzr one with svn2bzr tool:
>>But I'm stuck with problem. This utility want to read "dump file with
>>the history of a given Subversion repository". What it means? How to
>>create this "dump"? It's definetely not SVN repositary itself because
>>script want to read plain file:
> You can create a dump with 'svnadmin dump repopath > repo.dump'

Oh. Thank you. I'm very rare use svn from command-line. On windows I
like to use TortoiseCVS/SVN.

>>Actually I want to convert my old CVS branches to BZR, but Tailor is
>>very unclear and too complicated tool, and I want to try toolchain
>>cvs2svn->svn2bzr first. Converting to svn is really simple with cvs2svn.
> I can provide you with a Tailor config if you want.

Yes. Please, give me short receipe (config file) how to convert cvs->bzr 
or svn->bzr
(because I'm already have svn repo converted from cvs).

Because after creating svn.dump I discover that svn2bzr does not work.
It have minor windows bug, but anyway svn2bzr fails when reading
revisions from dump.


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