lock_foo in the test failure logs

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sat Feb 4 18:19:06 GMT 2006

Robert Collins wrote:
> Isn't there a debug level that is not written to the logs? If so,
> perhaps we should use that.
> Rob

I don't believe there is. Maybe DEBUG isn't written by default. If not,
we could use it. But I think mutter() is hooked up to DEBUG, and note()
is hooked up to INFO. We print INFO messages to the screen, so that
won't really work. And the next level up is WARNING, which is a lot more
serious. (Then we get ERROR => we should stop, and CRITICAL => abort()).

You are asking for something between DEBUG and INFO, so that mutter can
be moved into that, and then we create a new trace for something below

Also, DEBUG = 10, so we could pass a 5, as a custom level. But 0 is
defined as 'this logger doesn't have a level', so we need to be a little


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