Config for branch, not in branch

Robey Pointer robey at
Fri Feb 3 19:43:58 GMT 2006

On 1 Feb 2006, at 22:22, Erik Bågfors wrote:

> Hi
> One thing I like about bzr is that the branch path is not fixed.
> Personally I put other peoples sources/branches into ~/usr/src and my
> own into ~/src.  Yesterday I did a "bzr branch foo foo1" in ~/usr/src,
> hacked in foo1, then later decided to move it to ~/src and kept
> hacking.
> What I didn't think about is that the configuration (my email in this
> case) was lost when I moved the branch.
> I would prefer if this was kept inside the branch. What's the reason
> it's in a separate configuration file?
> I know part of this has been discussed earlier, but can't remember  
> the outcome.

I don't think any agreement was reached.

Some people would prefer that branches not be hard-locked to their  
local filesystem path (I'm in this camp, apparently you are too).

Others want "cp -a" to be exactly equivalent to "bzr branch".

It doesn't look like we can have it both ways, unfortunately. :(


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